Stay Safe During the Summer Travel Season!

Memorial Day weekend is behind us, which is considered the unofficial start of summer. Are you ready for the fun that is to be had? The grill is fired up, the pool is ready to be used, and millions of us throughout the season will be hitting the roads to get to our holiday destinations.

While some people fly, we know that many people will likely be driving to get to their destinations and that staying safe is incredibly important. Now is the time that you should start to make sure you are ready to make the drive. We have some helpful tips that will make the drive go just a little bit better.

Of course, you want to make sure that your vehicle is running in its best shape. Scheduling a service appointment to make sure that your oil has been changed, tire pressure is optimal and everything is running smoothly. Looking to save on service? Check out our service specials page!

You’ll also want to make sure that everyone in the vehicle is safe. Make sure seat belts are secure and children are in safety seats that are right for the height, weight, and age. Oh, and if someone imbibes, make sure that they don’t drive! You can’t predict how other drivers will be on the road, so make sure you are on high alert while driving. Defensive driving during summer months is going to be imperative.

If you can, avoid driving during peak hours. It’s best to not drive when everyone else is hitting the road too, so, if you can, try not to leave when everyone else is.

Finally, don’t speed. Don’t let an expensive ticket ruin the start or end to your vacation weekend.

While we know you are planning for your summer travel, we want you to drive in a smart and cautious way. Making sure you are safe along the way is something that is so easy to do, but is also easy to take for granted.
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